sometimes I forget that Americans have to pay for university upfront like what the fuck is that are u guys ok


Kill the boy within you. It takes a man to rule. You will have little joy of your command, but I think you have the strength in you to do the things that must be done. Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born. - Jon Snow

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Graphics inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire Theories: 1/?

Rhaegar Targaryen + Lyanna Stark = Jon Snow

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her glee in the second gif like hey there, my sansa is out

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House Lannister season one -> season four [insp x]

"Hear Me Roar"

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got cast: lena headey

Since being quite young, I’ve had a very strong sense of independence and survival. As a child, I was on my own two feet emotionally.

Lena Headey on meeting the Queen